What Do You Already Know About Bringing Your Voice Into The World?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

It doesn’t matter what my desire for these Right Voice For You classes is, what will change things for you is what you desire to create in your life.

One surprising thing is we don’t talk about a lot of technique in this class.  For example, what if we could just uncreate and destroy everything that you have decided that is required for change in your voice to occur? How much practice it’s going to take, how many voice lessons it’s going to take, how much breathing upside down on the floor will it take, how many scales is it going to take… what if none of that is actually required?  What do you know?

Your body is an amazing thing, it is willing to gift to you and work with you.  So unlike other classes, I give you very few answers.  I have no desire to be a magician who fixes or does anything to you, what I would like us to do is for all of us to learn to ask the questions to discover for ourselves what’s required to have total ease and total joy with bringing our voice into the world.

What if no-one has to fix you, or do it for you or teach you?  What else could be possible? So what do you know that you are pretending not to know or denying that you know? Would you be willing to start acknowledging how much you actually already know?  And then to start asking what else you would like to know?

How much do we pretend not to know to make our teachers feel better? By progressing slowly our teachers see that they have taught us so much. So would you be willing to know more than me?

Would you be willing to acknowledge that you do know more than me about your voice and your body and what is required to change?


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