Does Being On Stage Make You Uncomfortable?

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Whenever I offer a Right Voice For You class, the energy of being uncomfortable comes up for many people. ‘Scared as hell’ and ‘terrified’ are two common responses when I ask ‘what have you decided this class is going to be?’  

So if you are thinking of coming to a Right Voice For You class, but you are feeling really uncomfortable, ask yourself:  “How much are you picking up on everyone else's fear of this class?”  And would you be willing to change that so you can know what’s true for you?  Here’s a tool for change:

Will you acknowledge how psychic you are and that everything you bought as true and real for you is actually not even yours, and will you destroy and uncreate it all?  Right, wrong, good, bad, POD, POC, all 9, shorts, boys and beyonds.  (That bit at the end is the Access Consciousness® Clearing Statement - you can find out how it works at

What if you could be totally comfortable on stage?  Knowing that so many people are uncomfortable, your job when you are on the stage is to make your audience feel at ease.  Because they are all afraid. Actually it is not yours.  Who does this belong to?” is something we talk about in Access Consciousness® all the time. It is an amazing tool when you are in front of people too!  

When you ask, Who does this belong to?”, if it lightens up, even a tiny bit, it’s not yours.  So now you have all this information about how others are feeling.  So you can be grateful for all the sensations in your body, for the information it’s giving you and then you can ask: “What can I contribute to my audience to put them at ease?

One thing you will discover in the Right Voice For You class is how you being up on stage is actually not about you.  Most of the judgments you have about you are not about you.
People are so busy thinking about themselves.  So everything that you are picking up while you are on stage, are points of view other people might have.  

What if this one tool could take you from being totally uncomfortable, to being unbelievably comfortable on stage?  And what if you would be willing to use this tool anytime you are in front of an audience?  Could that change how you allow your voice to be found in the world?


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